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Putting on SMO's - A quick guide to a perfect fit!

Howdy again!

Dave and Polly here, back at it again with another dose of SMO-savviness. Today, we're diving headfirst into the wild world of SMO's (that's Supramalleolar Orthoses, if you wanna get fancy), and how to put them on properly.

Sock It to Me, Baby! First things first, let's talk socks. We're not just talking any ol' socks here, folks. We're talking smooth, high-stitch socks that'll make your feet feel like they're walkin' on clouds. Trust us, it makes all the difference.

Heel Yeah! Now, onto the main event – fitting those SMO's like a pro and the secret is all in the heel. Gotta make sure that ankle's bendin' up, not down, to get that heel snug as a bug in a rug. No wiggle room for discomfort here, as space only means your child's foot will be rubbing inside, which could create blisters, which aint nobody wants those!

Bop it! Here's the trickiest part – strappin' those bad boys down without 'em folding up like origami. Here, the massage technique is used, massagin' those SMO's down, holdin' 'em tight, and boppin' those straps on like a boss.

And That's a Wrap! And just like that, we're ready to rock and roll! With Polly sportin' her sleek SMO's, she's ready to take on the world – one snug step at a time.

Thanks for tunin' in, folks!


Dave & Polly

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