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The best socks for SMO's. Why the right sock can make all the difference.

Howdy folks!

Today, let's talk about something that might seem small but it can honestly make all the difference: socks. Specifically, we're diving into the world of SMO's (Supramalleolar Orthoses, Suresteps, Piros etc.) and finding the right socks to go with them.

The Sock Dilemma: You see, a lot of the socks out there are comfy and all, but they come with a thick stitch right below or at the ankle. Sounds harmless, right? Well, not quite. Those stitches can cause some serious irritation when you're wearing SMOs. If you are a snow skier, and have ever made the mistake of wearing a short sock or even just a ribbed sock in your ski boot, you know exactly what I am talking about. Within about an hour that extra pressure, which is harmless when nothing is tight around it, makes you want to rip your boots apart!

The best socks for SMO's? Fear not! There's a simple solution to this sock dilemma. It all comes down to finding socks that are just a tad taller. Why? Because when the stitches sit higher up, they won't rub against the brace, causing discomfort. Instead, you get a smooth, irritation-free experience.

Recommendations: It can sometimes be difficult finding these type of socks, especially for boys (not sure why). So maybe try the girls sections at Target or Walmart if you are having difficulty. For those interested in a super high quality/long lasting sock- our personal favorite are the SMO socks made by our amazing sock partner:

Final Thoughts: So, there you have it – the secret to finding the perfect socks for SMOs. Keep an eye out for those slightly taller socks, and you'll be good to go. Your feet (and your SMOs) will thank you!

Thanks for tuning in, folks!

Catch you next time.


Dave & Polly

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